The Color of Glass

This summer, I visited the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit at the Seattle Center. Dale Chihuly is one of America’s premier glass artists and hails from Tacoma, WA.

I went to the exhibit on the urging of my mom – a former florist and jewelry designer – from whom I got my passion for all things COLORFUL! I have only seen Chihuly’s work in Las Vegas hotels where the scale and saturated color of his sculptures make sense, but I was unsure of how they would translate outdoors in a garden setting.

WOW! Viewing Chihuly’s glass pieces in nature was like seeing the brightest flower blossoms you can imagine, or swimming in the most fantastic underwater coral garden, or immersing yourself in a forest’s flaming fall foliage.

Ablaze with natural light, the intensity of color is captured in the medium of glass – it simply glows like no other application of color I have seen. Color Nerds – you don’t want to miss this! Next time you are in Seattle, get there!

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  1. sally young says:

    Janie, You didn’t include the free family photo! :) Nice post though and fantastic photos!

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