Fall Color Trends 2012:
‘New Nostalgia’

Instagram photos are everywhere! What exactly IS it about taking a new photo and making it look like it’s from a different time that is so appealing? For me, it’s the feeling of nostalgia that comes from looking at an old photo, a longing for a simpler time.

I grew up in a small Texas town in the 1970s where Sunday afternoons seemed to last forever. With the sun so hot, there was little to do except hang out inside and listen to the radio. Laying on gold shag carpeting, I would tap out the beats to every Fleetwood Mac song that came through those transistor speakers.

Fleetwood Mac

Part of what makes an Instagram photo look aged is the overall yellowish glow that that affects all of the hues in the photo. The blues take on a greenish tint while the oranges and browns are pumped up in saturation and intensity.



I used this harmonious color combination — blue/green, intense orange, rich brown, and warm golden hues — as the inspiration for the YOLO Colorhouse Fall Color trend palette. Surround yourself with the comfort colors NOURISH .05, CREATE .03, WATER .01, GRAIN .05. Nostalagic and at the same time so current.

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