Summer COLOR! 3-Day Sale July 20-22

Join our Color Community!

Summer is in full bloom! Inspiring color combinations are everywhere — bring that beauty inside with a new paint palette!

This weekend, July 20-22, you can buy 3 gallons of YOLO Colorhouse paint and get 1 gallon FREE with mail-in rebate!

Shop for YOLO Colorhouse paints here and simply download this rebate and send it back to us with your receipt and UPC codes.

At YOLO Colorhouse we are proud of what’s NOT in our paint: NO carcinogens, NO mutagens, NO hazardous air pollutants, NO ozone depleting compounds, NO formaldehyde, NO phthalates, NO volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and NO BAD COLORS!

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One Response to Summer COLOR! 3-Day Sale July 20-22

  1. Rosalia "Leng" M. Go-Oco says:

    I love to know more of your colors.

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