Introducing the Sprout Fabric Collection

Designing a nursery for new baby is such a fun, creative process! Choosing just the right color for the walls, picking out the perfect furniture, and accenting with soft and fuzzy fabric are all part of making a sweet, safe spot for your little one.

In addition to aesthetics, choosing materials that are safe for your little one is equally important when designing your nursery. According to the EPA, indoor air quality can be 10-100 times more toxic than the air outside. Children are especially vulnerable to the off-gassing of harmful chemicals because their bodies are still developing. Allergies, chemical sensitivities, and asthma have been linked to toxic chemicals found in common household products like paint, cleaners, carpet and fabric.

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At YOLO Colorhouse, we have created a paint that is safer for your family, better for the planet. With NO VOCs, NO carcinogens, NO mutagens, NO reproductive toxins, NO phthalates, and NO hazardous air pollutants, our paint is gentle on people big and small. In addition to healthier paint, we have designed a palette of hues specifically for children’s spaces – The Sprout palette. These colors are playful and whimsical, and inspire sweet dreams!

By choosing organic cotton for your nursery, you are limiting your child’s exposure to carcinogens found in herbicides, pesticides and insecticides applied during the growing and defoliating process of conventional cotton. Plus, organic cotton is grown from untreated seeds that are NOT genetically modified, unlike 70% of conventional cotton grown in the US. For more information on the difference between conventional and organic cotton, visit

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And now – creating a colorful, and safe nursery is even easier with The Sprout Fabric Collection! Designed to coordinate with the YOLO Colorhouse zero VOC Sprout paint palette, the Sprout 100% organic cotton fabric collection does not fall far from the tree. Inspired by new growth and the first buds of spring, the YOLO Colorhouse Sprout Collection creates dreamy sleepscapes for life’s newcomers.

Whimsy abounds in the Sprout Building Blocks, Circles, and Pinwheel patterns! Sweet squares stacked on top of one another, colorful and creative circles, and fanciful and fun pinwheel designs make up these playful fabric designs. You can mix and match each design with the Dots + Dashes sweet stripe pattern available in each Sprout color!

For DIY enthusiasts, we collaborated with Sewing in a Straight Line author, Brett Bara, to create simple DIY sewing patterns and instructions specifically for the Sprout Fabric Collection! These sewing patterns include: Fitted Crib Sheet, Easy Baby Quilt and Sweet Simple Blanket, Square and Patchwork Pillow, Plush Bird Toy, Classic Curtain Panel, Flag Bunting and Embroidery Hoop Wall Art.

All of the sewing patterns are FREE and can be downloaded here.

Sprout paint and fabric is available exclusively on the YOLO Colorhouse web store.

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2 Responses to Introducing the Sprout Fabric Collection

  1. Arlene says:

    The colors and fabric prints are beautiful. I will be looking for them for my next baby project!!!!

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