Farm to Table Kitchen – CLAY .05 accent, AIR .03 ceiling, LEAF .02 walls, STONE .06 cabinets (to right)

If you have been reading this blog over the past year, you know that we are greatly inspired by gardening and the amazing color that nature brings us.  The Farm to Table palette seems like a given for 2012 – everywhere we go people are talking about eating local, farmers markets, and their own gardens.

For a while we all seemed to be ok with eating mealy tomatoes and bland cucumbers – not in 2012!  We know what they taste like straight from the garden and it is hard to go back to tomatoes that have been shipped from far away.

The Farm to Table palette is not really a “trend palette,” it is always current, a trend that is here to stay, just like our need to have fresh, local veggies.  The Farm to Table palette is made up of classic colors that are timeless and easy to live with.  They can be contemporary and at the same time historic.