2012 Trend – Dusk to Dawn

I have never been fond of purple as a wall color.  To imagine being completely enveloped in purple makes me uneasy, I visualize being in a pool of grape juice.  I was so adverse to purple in architecture, that we did not include a purple in our first edition of the Earth’s Color Collection of 40 colors.  We now have 92 interior colors in our palettes, and have since added a few purples.

When I explored the root of my disdain, I unearthed the reason I eliminated purple from my life.  It was in the early 90’s, funky furniture was all the rage!  Remember those asymmetrical curved sofas?  I had one, a purple one.  I lived with that thing for a decade before selling it on craigslist, (yes, it actually sold to some naïve, young couple that thought it was soooo retro).

It took another decade, but I have begun to see purples used beautifully and in ways that are quite palatable.  Today, I can even say I like purples – when used sparingly. This year’s Dusk to Dawn palette celebrates purples with our own versions, AIR .07 and CREATE .06 paired with neutrals NOURISH .02 and NOURISH .03, as grounding elements.  Purples are coming back, embrace them, they can be lovely, sophisticated, bold and beautiful!  Take a look at this gorgeous dining room we found through our good friends at Remodelista

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One Response to 2012 Trend – Dusk to Dawn

  1. Donna Frasca says:

    Now those are colors I’d love – from Dusk to Dawn. Beautiful.

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