2012 Trend – Sprout

When my niece was born eight years ago, we laughed at my sister-in-law, a designer, with her cartoon baby accessories.  Today new mothers who care about design have so many more choices for their babes – from stroller colors to the fabric covering on their boppies. In 2012 kids design is fully integrated into the adult world.  No longer does the designer mom have to hang her head low as she puts the cartoon boppy around her belly!

The 2012 Sprout palette still has the whimsy of being a kid, but the colors have been tweaked to appeal to the keen eye of the mother who wants it all!

Click to enlarge.

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One Response to 2012 Trend – Sprout

  1. Angela says:

    Imagine how much more I would have loved the boppy had it been a lovely plain color.

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