Think Pink. SPROUT .06

Thank you for participating, the contest is now closed!

Enter here to win a gallon of YOLO Colorhouse paint in the YOLO color of your choice and Fresh Home’s new book. Your entry also counts as a $1 donation to The Breast Cancer Society Inc!

Thank you for joining YOLO Colorhouse and Fresh Home to celebrate pink in architecture for Breast Cancer Awareness. Pink is a bold and powerful color when used in architecture, and can also be soft and sweet, like SPROUT .06.

SPROUT .06 – as sweet as strawberry ice cream and as soft as bunny ears. How would you take a decorating risk with SPROUT .06?

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How to WIN, How to DONATE:

Answer this question in the comments below:
How would you take a decorating risk with Sprout .06?

Your answer will enter you to win one gallon of YOLO Colorhouse zero VOC paint in the YOLO color of your choice and a copy of Fresh Home’s new book, due out in December. Your comment will also count as a $1 donation (up to $1,000) to The Breast Cancer Society Inc., a national non–profit with a primary focus on providing direct help and financial aid to those suffering from breast cancer. Comment on Fresh Home’s blog today to double your chances of winning AND your donation!

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17 Responses to Think Pink. SPROUT .06

  1. Darby Lohrding says:

    I would love to take a risk with this color/shade of pink! I would use it as a slight accent to turq., lime green, and a slightly darker pink along with a splash of orange. I do beleive this is going to be my color theme for my craft room….yet first I must clean out that room! ; )

  2. Jen says:

    I’m planning to paint my kitchen in the next few weeks and was struggling with picking a nice green. I started looking through the Fresh Home website for some ideas and found this wonderful pink! I have lots of white open shelves and white trim and I think this soft pink would be just perfect. Thanks for the great idea!!

  3. keri says:

    to take a risk, i would use this to paint my “new” (thrift store) dresser – it would look so cute with some fancy knobs from anthropologie!

  4. Elizabeth Taylor says:

    I would try an actual color! Not just white or ivory. :-)

  5. Carmen Guthrie says:

    I love that pink. I am planning on painting my scrapbooking/guest room pink with black and white accents. This pink is great!! SO yeah, I’d take the chance.

  6. Donna B! says:

    I would paint the inside walls of an enclosed porch this color so no matter what the weather was outside, it would feel welcoming and cheery.

  7. Trish Poteet says:

    I’d love it in my home office as a neutral background to warm green, coral, and deep violet accents

  8. Jessica lynn Smith says:

    I have recently changed my mind about pink. Having been a blue fanatical from a young age. But I now see the appeal in the soft creamy color of pink!! Id love to take a giant risk and use this around my island in my kitchen. The kitchen is a light beige already but I feel Like a bit of pink in the middle would really make the room liven up!

  9. ShaCarla Payne Robb says:

    I’m have gotten my husband to paint the white wall. Yes I can’t wait to see some color in this house.This will bring some new style and warmth to each room.

  10. Heidi says:

    I am looking for a new color for our dining room, and never would have considered pink, but now I think I’d take the risk!

    • Linda Ramsay says:

      I would paint a bedroom suite this soft pink and put it in my Grandaughters bedroom.. Its a really nice soft pink and all girls love pink like this..Will make her heart smile.

  11. Becca says:

    This would look lovely in my home office!

  12. Lea says:

    I’d love to paint my laundry room this cheerful color. I spend too much time down in that dingy room (just off the garage with no direct sunlight). We recently peeled off the 70′s wallpaper in the room but now it’s stark white with cement flooring. As a mama of two kiddos under two, I need some joie de vivre while folding diapers :) Please please let me win!

  13. Hanna says:

    I would paint the ceiling of my daughters room this very light color, with a darker version on the walls. It would also look nice painted on the back of her bookshelves, or I might put up a white frame on the wall, paint the wall behind the frame with this pink and then hang one of those white wooden letters in the middle as a bit of improptu wall decor.

  14. MrsBrown says:

    As the only chick in the Brown House, I LOVE pink! I’d put this pretty pink in our laundry room or the tiny half-bath…. two rooms I use a lot but could really use a decorating pick-me-up.

  15. Angela Talbott says:

    I have a bit of inspiration coming…I would us this color on the floor! Strips in the middle of the room on white wooden floors. Almost like “racing stripes”… speed/energy.
    It would be great in the Art/creation/Studio room for my kids. With wood exposed ceiling and some canvased walls with a tiny bit of orange/violet framed out. Energy delight! Whoot
    Also,I thought doing wide stripes with a pewter/silver tone paint in the open closet in my daughters room.
    Thank you!

  16. Debra Alderman says:

    We’re moving into a new house (a 100 year old craftsman cottage, actually) and our college student daughter still wants her own room and still really loves pink. She’s looked at millions of magazines and decided that Yolo Sprout .06 is the perfect color. Because it’s a basement room and will be used as a guest room, my initial instinct urged me to go with a dull but safe neutral. But why not take a risk on a fresh, perky color? My daughter and I have been thinking that black and white artwork and accessories can make it sophisticated as well as feminine. So Sprout .06 goes on the walls this week!

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