Think Pink. PETAL .04

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Enter here to win a gallon of YOLO Colorhouse paint in the YOLO color of your choice and Fresh Home’s new book. Your entry also counts as a $1 donation to The Breast Cancer Society Inc!

Thank you for joining YOLO Colorhouse and Fresh Home to celebrate pink in architecture for Breast Cancer Awareness. Think pink is always soft and sweet? Think again! Pink is a bold and powerful color when used in architecture.

PETAL .04 infuses any space with energy and life. Where do you see the power of pink working in your house?

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How to WIN, How to DONATE:

Answer this question in the comments below:
Where do you see the power of pink working in your house?

Your answer will enter you to win one gallon of YOLO Colorhouse zero VOC paint in the YOLO color of your choice and a copy of Fresh Home’s new book, due out in December. Your comment will also count as a $1 donation (up to $1,000) to The Breast Cancer Society Inc., a national non–profit with a primary focus on providing direct help and financial aid to those suffering from breast cancer. Comment on Fresh Home’s blog today to double your chances of winning AND your donation!

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17 Responses to Think Pink. PETAL .04

  1. sioux says:

    welli have a 6 yr old girl, so pink is everywhere! also – it could look super cool in the entry way or second bath.

  2. Heidi says:

    My pantry is pink and so happy! I would love to sneak in stripes of pink in our bathroom as well, since it’s such a cheerful color.

  3. Sara says:

    The power of pink works in my home office/library/sewing/craft room. This room is where I go to create new things for myself or others and where I learn new things or learn from my mistakes.

  4. Debra says:

    Pink would look fabulous in MY bedroom. Since I am a single woman approaching 49, and never had the pink bedroom I always dreamed of when I was a child…NOW WOULD BE A GOOD TIME for a PINK room. Powerful PINK!

  5. Christopher R. White says:

    Pink shutters (as a professional painter I can paint and have painted vinyl shutters) I think a medium shade of pink,for a color change from burgundy,would really make my home trim pop..

  6. Becky B. says:

    The power of pink is in my computer room where I have touches of it everywhere in all different shades, as it is one of my favorite colors!!

  7. Jasmine Madson says:

    I have a motto that those who know me know well – “Every day, ever room and every outfit are not complete with out a splash of pink.” Pink is an energetic, confident and dramatic color that can give a shot of strong color to a room or act as a neutral – it goes great with almost every other color. My bedroom walls are a deep shade of an ethnic pink, with a lighter shade on the sheets. My dining room is gray, blue and turquoise with a single accent chair in, yes, that’s right, pink.

  8. Kerry says:

    The power of pink in my home is the power of laughter- our cheeks glow pink laughing together over the antics of my crazy three year old and one year old. We bond making each other pink.

  9. Becca says:

    I can totally see pink in my little girls room =)

  10. Becki Forbes says:

    Funny thing, my oldest daughter is a big fan of this color-it is her favorite! At one time she had a wall in her room painted, but it was a little bit darker than this one.

    I’m thinking it might be nice to have a wall in the craft room this color, and I might have to make a wall quilt to hang on it too!

    Thank you for the chance to win, and the donation to The Breast Cancer Society Inc!

  11. Rebecca Ewing says:

    I love pink in my bathroom — it’s nice for grooming.

  12. Roni says:

    I’m still stuck on a pink dining room. I so love the idea next to a soft grey living room.

  13. Kim says:

    My 2nd bedroom serves as my guest BR as well as my craft room. The right shade of pink could be warm & welcoming when mom & sis visit (& a good match for my extra bedware), & also zippy & inspiring for when I do my crafts! Pink has been my favorite color most of my life (after lilac when I was a little girl.)

  14. Sara says:

    I see it in a front entry way with gorgeous flowers all around. Bright, sunny, fragrant, & the perfect way to start or leave any day!

  15. terry dedrick says:

    I know this sounds strange,but I would put PINK in my livingroom. My house was built during the great depression and they put a wonderful fireplace in it. I have found a shell Pink under layers of wall coverings, only to discover that my son who is dealing with the challenges of Autism calms in this room. I made the mistake of painting it beige and have lost the calming elements that the shell Pink gave him.
    If given the pink paint I will restore his area of Zen.
    thank you

  16. Darby Lohrding says:

    Pink works in my house as an accent color in the family room, master bedroom and the main bath. I love the array of colors in the room you have pictured! It’s as though someone picked out all of their favorite colors, then found just the right shades to make them blend beautifully!!!

  17. Anne says:

    *Definitely* in the powder room, a small room that needs the “umph” factor of PETAL .04… AND I am going to redecorate SOON!
    Cheers to a cheery bathroom! :)

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