Think Pink. CLAY .07

Thank you for participating, the contest is now closed!

Thank you for joining YOLO Colorhouse and Fresh Home to celebrate pink in architecture for Breast Cancer Awareness. Think pink is always soft and sweet? Think again! Pink is a bold and powerful color when used in architecture.

Make a statement with YOLO Colorhouse’s CLAY .07! Would you be so bold to use pink in your dining room?

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How to WIN, How to DONATE:

Answer this question in the comments below:
Would you be so bold to use pink in your dining room?

Your answer will enter you to win one gallon of YOLO Colorhouse zero VOC paint in the YOLO color of your choice and a copy of Fresh Home’s new book, due out in December. Your comment will also count as a $1 donation (up to $1,000) to The Breast Cancer Society Inc., a national non–profit with a primary focus on providing direct help and financial aid to those suffering from breast cancer. Comment on Fresh Home’s blog today to double your chances of winning AND your donation!

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24 Responses to Think Pink. CLAY .07

  1. Amy Hekker says:

    Absolutely…have painted a kitchen and a living room in a very similar color! Very warm and inviting….

  2. Ellen O. Stanford says:

    I absolutely love this color for my DR…I live in palm coast Florida, where can I buy this paint???

  3. kathleen cacouris says:

    YES! I love the idea of hot pink , black and white for a dining area. Very sophisticated in a a Parisian way.

  4. Jessica Dyer says:

    I rebuked the pink girly girl trend growing up, but as an adult I love it. I wouldn’t even hesitate to use pink in my house in a bold way. In fact, this has inspired me to do so!

  5. Justine L. says:

    I love it- my dining room could use a new coat of paint and this idea would make a difference from the soft pumpkin i have had in there for years..Clay.07 is fresh and earthy at the same time!

  6. Katie O. says:

    What a wonderful color for a dining room. I would love to have a room in this color – it’s so warm and alive, but not overbearing. And thank you for donating $1 to the Breast Cancer Society Inc. for my comment – you ROCK!

  7. Rebecca Ewing says:

    Oh, yes. A pink dining room would make everyone LOOK good.

  8. Ruth Barton says:

    Yes! I think pink can be outstanding in a dining room (and think of how pretty everyone would look!). Lots of mirrors to reflect it around and some nice dark furniture. Pretty white linens on the table. Creamy white wainscotting. Beautiful!

  9. Roni says:

    ABsoLUTEly yes! I would use pink in my dining room. Perfect timing too. We’re buying a house and pink will be perfect in the dining room.

  10. armygirl4Christ says:

    Absolutely!!!Pink is very soothing and yet can be sophisticated in any room! Long live PINK!

  11. Peggy Card says:

    Yolo Colorhouse Clay .07, with its warm pink tones, would brighten and add drama to any dining room. Mix it with black furniture for an Asian feel. Turn your dining room Shabby Chic or Cabbage Rose Cottage with a table and chairs in White. The dining room should be a warm and happy place for family and friends to gather and nothing would be more cheerful than Colorhouse Clay .07. Cheers!

  12. simplydesign says:

    Love pink; I have done pink powder rooms not yet a dining room, however would think with an ivory wainscot this would be lovely!

  13. J Basso says:

    Of Course, It Exudes Warmth, Stimulates Conversation, Appetite ~ Mix with whites, medium to light woods and natural fibers and Throw some Nice Plants , cottage floral fabrics, plaids, with other colors included, into the Mix!!

  14. Jenny MacBeard says:

    I sure would! I’m thinking Clay 07 walls, matte gold mirror and curtain hardware, and repurposed red saris for the chair upholstery. Add in some deep turquoise accents and a bottle of wine and you’ve got yourself a winning combination!

  15. Stephanie E says:

    Yes! This would look beautiful in my Spanish style house.

  16. Tammy Briggs says:

    Of course I would… I already have Pink dishes and rose colored chairs. I also have Pink tile counter tops in my kitchen. Even though our bedroom is done in baby blue & white, I still put a few Pink accent’s around. Of course the inside of my closet is all done in Pink. Even my clothes. I would really like to paint more of my yard decor Pink too. Almost all of the flowers in our yard are Pink. Ok enough about me. Let’s talk about that Pink Paint I’m going to Win. :)

  17. Heather Cathrall says:

    Sure! Think of all the pretty pink china with silver-trim I could get to match beautiful pink walls! Talk about a silver lining! I’d paint my kitchen pink with light gray trim … I think it’d be refreshing and elegant!

  18. Becca says:

    Sure! Why not?

  19. Laurie Olsen says:

    Pink soothes and comforts my soul and I would paint any room pink!

  20. serena says:

    Yes! If i had a dining room. But my current living room is pink!

  21. keri says:

    Hmmm pink paint in my dining room? Not in my house, as my dining room, living room and kitchen are one large open area – instead, I have everything painted a neutral grey-blue and pull in color with accents depending on the season! In my bedroom though, I’m totally game for a fun, fresh, bright pink :)

  22. Darby Lohrding says:

    The picture of the dinning room done in pink mixed with the rustic/rural furnishings, I love! I can easily see doing something along those lines in my current home. I think “pink” now a days belongs in the house and should no longer be confined to the bathroom! ; )

  23. Ness says:

    I would love to use a dash of pink in the dining room. I already have some orange in there and I love an unexpected color combination like orange and pink.

  24. Comeca Jones says:

    I think thatpink would be perfect for my guest room furniture that we plan on taking to our new home in another month! I haven’t decided as of yet what color to use so I think a pale pink would be grand! The guest room is generally a dressing room for me I even keep my cloths in the guest room closet so this would really help me to feminize my space and make it mine. Oh how lucky we would be to add a lil color to “our”!? world my sweetie and I are usually such brown

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