Think Pink, Win Prizes and Raise Money for Breast Cancer!

We are not the only ones thinking pink – this was a series of pink rooms that were shown at Milan Design Week

Next week we are celebrating the Power of Pink in Architecture, honoring Breast Cancer Awareness.

We have teamed up with Rachel DeSchepper at Fresh Home and we are both going to be posting new ways to use pink in your home, both on our Colorhouse Field Guide blog and the Fresh Home blog.

Follow us on our blogs Sept. 19-21 and comment to be entered to win a gallon of  YOLO Colorhouse paint and a copy of Fresh Home’s new book.  Double your chance of winning and comment on both blogs!

YOLO Colorhouse and Fresh Home will donate $1 for each comment on both blogs to The Breast Cancer Society, a national non-profit with a primary focus on providing direct help and financial aid to those suffering from breast cancer.  Raise more money for fighting breast cancer by commenting on both blogs!

Pink often is thought of as feminine, calm, fairy-like, lovely and representing new life, beauty and glamour.

In architecture, pink is very powerful and represents a bold statement. It is really exciting to see and when used in the right space, will not be easily forgotten!

We have put together a group of inspiring pink rooms to get you Thinking Pink!


In this Bohoemian-style room from Bohemian Twilight blog– there is not that much actual pink wall, but we love the way they scattered the hue around the room and set it off by the crisp white of the bricks and the table.


This door makes me happy – the contrast of the rough, industrial building next to the cheery pink door can only make you smile.

CLAY .06

This is just plain pretty!  I mean, the gold and pink, and the sweet little chairs.  I love this use of Clay .07 in wallpaper by Thibaut Design – it is beautiful paired with the metallic gold.

CLAY .07

What a great color to give new life to an old desk – it is a fun companion to WATER .01.


PETAL .04 is an unexpected color to use in a nursery – it adds whimsy along with the tree painted in AIR .02.

AIR .02

One word – Elegant.  Love the use of this barely there pink found on All Things Good blog, maybe SPROUT .06 in a dining room?


This is awesome, PETAL .03 and PETAL .06 are a bold statement – how could you not want to make stuff in this craft room from The Daily Telecraft blog!


We want to hear your thoughts about pink!  Join us next week to Think Pink.

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7 Responses to Think Pink, Win Prizes and Raise Money for Breast Cancer!

  1. Christine says:

    Love the petal 03/ clay 06 combo….what do you think of pink for a bathroom since pink throws a more flattering light? But worried that it might look too fifties. I painted a sunroom at a cabin once w/ a deep pink and dark brown trim, Loved it. Thanks for pushing pink! :)

  2. lInda Ramsay says:

    Love the Petal03 Its soft. There is a reason why Hair salons use to be pink its the perfect color for anyones skin tone. Everyone looks good in pink and feels good around it..

  3. Janet says:

    As a breast cancer survivor, I have come to find pink repellent. Too much sweetie pinkie poor dear sympathy stuff. And the last thing I need is reminders. (Not every survivor feels this way.) But some of these images make me feel a wee bit better about the color. I could actually live with the pale pink seen in the Bohemian-style room.

  4. Lizzie says:

    Clay and leaf are lovely. Petal Pink Poetry.

  5. Darby Lohrding says:

    The picture on the other blog of the dinning room done in pink mixed with the rustic/rural furnishings, I love! I can easily see doing something along those lines in my current home. I think “pink” now a days belongs in the house and should no longer be confined to the bathroom! ; )

  6. Laurie Olsen says:

    I love the use of pink in the various pictures, goes from stimulating and happy to soothing and calm. They are wonderful!!!

  7. sherry says:

    could see using the pale pink in my bedroom with the blues and grays I have.

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