While helping Annie’s Homegrown choose colors for their new offices in Berkeley, CA, we got excited about a joint promo that would celebrate the missions of both of our companies: healthy food and healthy hues.

Kale is one of our favorite summer vegetables — we are always looking for new and yummy ways to prepare it. In addition to being delicious, the Recipe Color Card below for Asian Kale Salad, is a quick and easy summer dish. We chose THRIVE .03 as a backdrop on this Color Card, as it is a fresh and clean green, a perfect reminder of the warm sun and garden bounty year-round.

Let us know below which YOLO color you’d like to win from one of our beautiful palettes, The Earth’s Color Collection, The Color of Hope and the SPROUT Collection — your comment will enter you to win a quart of YOLO paint in the YOLO color of your choice and a goodie bag of Annie’s Homegrown products (see sample prize below). A random winner will be selected and announced here tomorrow!

As a bonus, the first 100 entries sends $100 to, a non-profit organization that enables gardeners to donate their excess harvest to those in need.

If you haven’t done so already, visit our Facebook page and become a fan to stay in the loop for future contests, design tips, color help and more!

Congrats to yesterday’s winner, Jill Kistner!

(click to enlarge)

(sample prize)

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  1. chantelle says:

    Clay .07 – I’ve been searching for a great muted orange color for my dining room for over a year. I’m on my fourth color in there and the walls are just getting closer with every wrong color!

  2. Dian Hardy says:

    Clay .05 is my choice – I’m living on a vast plain in northern California, crossed in the not-too-distant-past by native Americans on their way to Ocean, and now a teeming, rather suburban (sprawling) city. Everything in my cousin’s house is pale, shades of white. It needs a big bold color somewhere to clear the mind and focus the eye. And I have just the place for it!

  3. Phyllis says:

    I think I will make this for dinner and maybe add some steamed tofo on the side. They make a kale salad at Angeline’s in Sisters, OR but I haven’t tried it yet. Dream 04 is still my color and I’ll be helping my daughter paint her room when I win. Thanks <3

  4. Shane Anderson says:

    Dream.06 from The Color of Hope!


  5. saundra says:

    Petal .04- i love this color, i’ll be welcoming a little girl into the world soon and would love to be able to put this lovely color against the blue bedroom walls.

  6. Julie says:

    Nourish .05 is beautiful.

  7. Rebecca Ewing says:

    A bookcase painted CREATE.06 will sing against of the olive wall in my library.

  8. Katye says:

    I love Thrive .02. Perfect for our bedroom. Thanks!

  9. irene grubb says:

    Would love some Thrive.01 the perfect color to accent my bathroom wall! Subtle and relaxing!

  10. A. L. Esterling says:

    Water.04 from The Earth’s Color Collection is my choice. I am looking for a shade that will perfectly reflect the beautiful marine climate in Seattle and will complement the prevalent grays of our sky.

  11. Lori C. says:

    I love Petal .05. It is pretty & cheerful.

  12. Vanessa Wilson says:

    I love clay .02 and .03!

  13. Diane Lawriw says:

    Thrive .03 screams summertime, organic, alive to me! I’m in need of a color for an accent wall in my all-white bedroom & this would be the color I’d like to wake up to !

  14. Laura R. says:

    LOVE Water.06 (and it’s companion colors!) We live in the Pacific NW and I love having room colors that brighten up the long, gray winters up here :)

  15. Cristina West says:

    I like Water.03 in the Earth’s Color Collection.

  16. Amber Ross says:

    I would love to win the NOURISH .06…my husband and I both work nights, and have been looking for the perfect color to paint our bedroom, and that is it!

  17. Melissa Rose says:

    From the color of hope collection, create .06 would look beautiful in my step daughters room! She is in love with purple and I have been trying to find something that would just make her room that much more special!

  18. Annie Sauer says:

    Dream .06!

  19. Elizabeth Taylor says:

    I love the Sprout .06. Lovely!!

  20. Rachel says:

    Water .07:

    This is very close to one of our wedding colors for our oceanside beach wedding. Being able to paint something this color, be it a wall, a table, or a few frames, will be a reminder of the beginning of our happily-ever-after marriage.

  21. Sarah Willard says:

    Aspire .06 would look great in my bedroom! Very cheerful. :D

  22. Monica Corliss says:

    I love Petal .07. Such a great color!

  23. Kimberly says:

    I gotta go with create.05 again!

  24. melissa smallwood says:

    ooh! i love grain07!! so beautiful!

  25. Kelly Lu says:

    I really love water 0.6 for when I redo my kitchen. Amazing colors..very hard to pick just one!

  26. Judy says:

    Air.02 is a great universal color!

  27. The Healthy Engineer says:

    aspire .05 is just so pretty!!

    While my favorite color is yellow, I like some green and blue hues now and then!

  28. Kate says:

    So hard to choose! I want them all! But if I can only pick one it would be CREATE .04. :)

  29. Addy Gracias says:

    I would like to try the Water .07 color! It looks beautiful and calming.

  30. shannon berg says:

    I like Clay .03 Just moved into a new house that needs a little fresh paint! Thanks

  31. Lisa says:

    Water.05 would be just the right color to freshen up my tiny bathroom {+ Air.02 from the trim}.

  32. Arielle E. says:

    I would love Air.07 for my bathroom or Thrive.04 to brighten up my drab beige bedroom.

  33. Madeleine Mulanix says:

    it would be aspire 04 for me.

  34. Sharon F. says:

    Create .03 feels right for my space. The recipe looks yummy too. I’m always looking for new ways to serve kale :)

  35. Rebecca Vala says:

    Sprout .01! I love the Sprout collection. Perfect for a baby’s room. Love those Annie’s, too! :)

  36. Claire B. says:

    Nourish .06 for our son’s room. He is due in just three short weeks!

  37. Lauren says:

    Dream 02- I would like to win this color to paint my office. It is cool and calming and it will make me keep dreaming and not loose vision.

  38. Alanna says:

    I love Thrive .05!!

  39. Kai says:

    Dream 06. Glad Annie’s put up a post about you on facebook. I hadn’t heard of YOLO before.

  40. Alanna says:

    I love Thrive .05!

  41. Michelle says:

    Thrive 5….adds a nice cheery accent wall in my subtle Dr

  42. sue larsen says:

    Air 06 looks like the perfect peaceful bedroom to me

  43. Leslie says:

    The Color of Hope – the perfect accent is Create 06 for my daughter’s room!

  44. Mandy says:

    I think Air.04 I’m looking for a subtle, neutral color with some warmth and a bit of sunshine built in. This color looks perfect.

  45. Betty Ellis says:

    I would love to win Create 01 !

  46. Brookes says:

    Thrive .02 would be lovely : )

  47. Robyn O'Neal says:

    I am torn between Leaf .07 and Dream .06; both are yummy and would be gorgeous in my bedroom! Thanks for the chance at winning some goodies!

  48. Michelle B. says:

    I love Leaf 01 – thank you for the opportunity!

  49. Amy V says:

    Dream .06

  50. Erica Grivas says:

    Hi – I’m interested in Clay 5, Stone 3 or Nourish 5!

  51. Ryan says:

    Grain .05 would be awesome for our new house

  52. Cherith says:

    I love the sprouts 05 color the best!

  53. Rebecca says:

    I like Air .07. I would love to have a bedroom that color, it’s very peaceful and calming.

  54. Stacey says:

    I’d love to win Dream 04. I have just the spot for it! So many beautiful colors!

  55. Cherrie says:

    Dream .06 from The Color of Hope just keeps catching my eye. I don’t know what I would paint, but I would find a place for it.

  56. Meghan says:

    I love SPROUT .06

  57. Beth M. says:

    I love the Earth’s Color Collection! I would choose Petal .03…a beautiful bright yet soft pink to go in my daughter room. She would love the pink to match her princess bedroom collection. And of course she is a true Annie’s Fan…snacks galore in my kitchen cabinet right now!

  58. Sheila Esposito says:

    Aspire.05 is such a lovely, soft yellow–perfect for my tiny 1/2 bath!

  59. John C. says:

    Looks Sweet !

  60. Nicole Jean says:

    Thrive.05 is beautiful!

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