The Color of Annie’s

Recently, we had the honor of working with the Creative Team at Annie’s Homegrown to choose color for their new home offices in Berkeley, California.  Ginnie and I went down to the 30,000 square foot building vacated by CLIF Bar, and began visualizing what Annie’s new home should look like.   As we talked to the creative team, they talked about Annie, and how it all began, “It all began in the garden.”

We went back to our studio in Portland,  blueprints in tow, and began talking about our own garden and colors began emerging from our Earth’s Color Collection.

Every time I thought of Bernie the bunny, Annie’s mascot, the color of carrots came to mind – as such, CLAY .02 found it’s way into the plan.

CLAY .02

Another no-brainer was LEAF .04, which plays a major part in Annie’s interior, as well in nature and all of our gardens.

LEAF .04 is a fun and fresh color that exudes energy, especially when used in combination with CLAY .02 as seen here below.

LEAF .04
CLAY .02

And what’s a garden without lots of sunshine?  GRAIN .05 was added to the mix to lift and lighten and give warmth, just as the sun does so beautifully.  GRAIN .06 was used to paint the whispy stalks of grain.


The whole space looks awesome and I think we succeeded in making it feel like Annie’s new home, and is reminiscent of how it all began….

In the garden.

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8 Responses to The Color of Annie’s

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  2. Rose LaRouche-Furtek says:

    the new office is very serene. your mission statement is evident within those walls. are you the company that started out many years ago on east coast. like vermont? I know I have purchased Annie’s products for years. my first being mac & cheese. still a staple at my home.

  3. Elizabeth Gill says:

    Welcome Annies little rabbit(on the package)to the YEAR OF THE RABBIT–of which I am one(born in the Chinese year of the rabbit that is)! And welcome to Berkeley(where I have pretty much lived since the ’70′s)! So—that being said–I remember almost buying stock in your beautiful company many years ago–wish I had! Ah well–what attracted me to your product then was the design on the package of that little rabbit and the color purple(very eye-catching).And that Mac and Cheese was sooo tasty too I might add!(thought you might appreciate that feedback)! Anyways,color is a very important thing to consider in our environment and the colors that were used in your office reflect our environment–(and Bernies)! Did I mention that I love carrot juice too? LOVE the Bunnies on the wall and the positive messages! Please hug that little Bernie the Bunny for me! I am also a gardener in West Berkeley(our neighborhood)and grow organic. Grow green!is what I always say.WELCOME BERNIE THE BUNNY TO BERKELEY! Thank you and maybe I can pull up some heirloom carrots from the garden for Bernie!

  4. amy moore says:

    just looking at the pictures of the new offices had a relaxing effect – the gentle color scheme made me think of being outside, and i’m always a fan of whimsical touches, the bunny graphics made me smile. annie’s products play a big role in our home, and now you’re practically right in our backyard! welcome to the neighborhood ! (can we visit you ?)

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  7. Patricia Williams says:

    I am not afraid of color! Yours are awesome. And I love Annie’s. My step-grandgirl used to eat another brand of Macaroni and Cheese ONLY. I figured out that we could use Annie’s and she would eat it, but we had to hide the box; take the trash out; etc. My daughter and I were thrilled.

  8. Christina Whiskhands says:

    I love the aesthetic – it goes so well with the open flow design of the space. (It actually reminds me a lot of my own personal workspace, which in all likelyhood is near this one.) The day when we purchase our own home and are allowed to paint the walls whatever color we please cannot come soon enough!

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