Color Giveaway!

WE HAVE A WINNER!!  Congratulations Denee Dole!!!

We got so excited about all the comments that “not martha”s blog generated that we thought we would do the same giveaway on our blog! Read the “not martha” blog below and comment, we will send a random winner 2 YOLO Colorhouse Design Kits valued at $80 each!  The lucky winner will also get an organic cotton YOLO tote bag! Comment on both blogs to increase your chances to WIN!!!

Not Martha

Yolo Colorhouse wants you to know that their paint is now available in Lowe’s stores on the West Coast, and to help spread the word they are offering one lucky reader some useful things, more on that below. To celebrate the introduction the paint is being offered at a special price, yipee. Go see more about this, and find out which select stores the paint will be available in.

Yolo Colorhouse makes gorgeous zero-VOC paint which means it’s good for you, your home and the environment. They are both Green Seal certified and has a whole bunch of LEED rating points. I first learned about Yolo Colorhouse when we bought our first home and painted every wall, ceiling and door with zero-VOC paint (I would have painted the floors too, but half are already pretty nice and the other half are carpet). Yolo Colorhouse has amazing colors, each one is richly pigmented and seems to spring from nature. I wasn’t surprised to find that the women who founded the company actually started with color, custom mixing it on the spot for clients, and was followed by researching and creating paint that would be healthier for themselves and the dwellings they put it in. They call themselves color nerds! Their designer sensibilities also show in how they present the paint, they sell poster-sized samples of the actual paint which you can hang on the wall of you choice to see how it acts in the light in that space and there is no need to paint a swatch on your wall (something I find perilous and more work than it seems). Or, if you’re getting ready to make some paint choices for your home, you can order a Design Kit which are books of 8×8 samples of all the colors they offer. Which brings us back to the giveaway!

Yolo Colorhouse would like to give a reader both of their Design Kits, each is worth $80. One set contains The Earth’s Color collection and the second contains both The Color of Hope collection as well as the Sprout collection which is a range of lovely pastels suitable for childrens rooms. Each sample card lists three companion colors on the back as well as a note on the color. My favorite, Petal .02, says “Hot lime – full of energy. Try it with black and white – makes for a lively contemporary kitchen or for an accent in a kid’s play room.” Petal .01 reports “Make no mistake, Petal .01 is loud and vibrant. An orange designed to be used sparingly, unless you want to live loud.” Each kit is bound using a metal ring that is easy to unclasp so you can hold up individual samples as needed. In addition to the design kits you’ll get an organic cotton tote bag and a BPA-free water bottle. Excellent, right?

Are you a designer? Or just fixing up your house and anticipating needing some time to obsess over colors? These are meant for you. If you think these Design Kits would come in handy you can enter this giveaway simply by leaving a comment with this post. If you’d like something to chat about (I love reading all the responses) please answer this question: Which color would you paint your ideal kitchen? I think I’d go with a sunny yellow to keep my spirits up during our overcast winter days. You’ve got until the evening of Tuesday, June 14th to enter, the fine print applies and the winner will be chosen by the Random Number Generator. Just so you know: This a sponsored giveaway, from a company I like.

Alright, good luck!

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49 Responses to Color Giveaway!

  1. Bethanne Elion says:

    I am painting my house slowly room by room. The entire place was not just wallpapered when I bought it 11 years ago, but every wall paper had borders and one to two other matching papers and draperies. It was a nightmare. Almost all the wallpaper is off now and I have been painting my dormer room with Leaf #1. I cannot afford expensive flooring so I will be painting the floor in Stone #3. This room has terrific light and is my get away studio space. I sometimes come onto the Yolo web site and play with the room colors deciding which colors for my bedroom. Something in water I think. It’s fun to play and dream about it!

  2. Angie Ervin says:

    I LOVE your site and LOVE your colors! I searched for a retail location nearby my home, unfortunately there is not one within 50 miles. We are ready to paint a bathroom and master bedroom. Thinking about greens but love ALL the colors! The color names just get me day dreaming about all the possibilities. Who knows? I may just have to think about painting the rest of the house, again!

  3. Jane says:

    We’ve been in our house for years, with the bland cream of the previous owners. We need ideas for injections of color!

  4. Helen says:

    Would love to win this give away! We’re in the process of buying our first home and painting is on our to-do list!

  5. Yolanda says:

    We just painted the exterior of our house. Close, but no cigar. I’ve tried living with it, but I would love a do-over. A YOLO Design Kit would sure help!

  6. Darby Lohrding says:

    I love the concept of the design kits!!! Awesome! So many times you think “ah, this is the color” (while in the store) and then when you get home “Yuck”! I would be in heaven if I were one of the luckies chosen to win this giveaway!!
    Kitchen: I think I would love a pale bright yellow kitchen with turq blue and lime green for my accent colors…..I’d have the ocean, the sun and Mother Earth all in one room, how could I go wrong with these 3 helping me cook!?
    Thanks so much for the opportunity!
    darbyscloset at yahoo dot com

  7. Robyn Brooks says:

    I am completely remodeling a master bath as well as painting my son’s room. I had found you online several months ago while I was in the planning stages and discovered you were at the Green Depot in Seattle but had not made the trip up there yet because of the time involved. I was thrilled to happen upon your paint at my local Lowes when I was there looking for some other supplies! I brought several of the small chips home to compare to the cork flooring I am using and then bought a couple of the large sheets once I had narrowed my choices. They are fabulous because after looking at those, my flooring and stain colors for the doors, I am going to be looking at some different colors because the ones I settled on initially are just a bit “off”. So the big samples are great plus they give my husband a better idea of how the color will look on the wall without having to paint a bunch of samples on there directly! Thank you!

  8. brooke ryan says:

    AWESOME! I am bout to paint the exterior of my house and need inspiration. I”m a designer, and the interior is done,lots of color, but the outside is a problem – I can only pick one!

  9. LJB says:

    We just started the demo on our kitchen this week! I can’t wait to paint the new walls with Yolo. It’s one of the few tasks that I can do, while my husband does all the rest of the hard work. I love that we had such a beautiful paint company based in Portland — my home town!

  10. Aimee Goggins says:

    We are gearing up to repaint our entire apartment and it’s a Victorian with a lot of trim and paneling, so we plan to have some fun with color. I’m especially leaning towards the Aspire and Create palettes – though I love Sprout .02 also… Having a Yolo design kit at the ready will make decisions so much easier!

  11. Amy Hekker says:

    I would love a new set…mine has been pilfered over the years by clients. A update, fresh, complete set would be terrific!
    Yolo colors are fab…have them in my home in several rooms. We are ready to do some more painting…and Yolo is a priority!

  12. joy says:

    I am wanting to add a little pizzazz to my home office and my budget it nil so paint is high on my list. I love the colors!

  13. Gillian says:

    We are looking for a color to work with some new wallpaper in our bedroom ( the teal and maroon accent walls we inherited need to go!). This kit would help so much in pushing me towards a final decision!


  14. serena says:

    I’m excited about painting my entire, very small, home with yolo! It’s time for a change!

  15. Stephanie Nickolson says:

    COLOR is EVERYTHING~ And, when it’s eco-friendly, that’s the best!

  16. Pat says:

    I have two bathrooms and a kitchen ready to have their colors changed to something soft and lovely. Your collection would be awesome for my projects!

  17. Laura Thykeson says:

    I would dearly LOVE to win the giveaway! I am an artist, and use a ton of paint of all kinds. I like getting it in larger quantities and this would be a perfect start for me to begin a new piece (yes I paint with this kind of paint, lol) Wish me luck, and your cream colors are just yummy!

    Laura Thykeson

  18. Todd says:

    I’m just entering the interior design profession, but have been a fan of YOLO for some time now! I can’t wait to start specifying your paints!!!

    As for the question, I would have to go Petal.02. I love that green. Light and refreshing… plenty of options to play with in that palette!

  19. Danielle from A Few of My Favorite Things says:

    Such a great giveaway! We just bought a new house and I’m leaning toward painting the kitchen a light green.

  20. Suzzie VanHeusen says:

    I love color and always looking for a perfect color for each of my rooms. We bought this home 12 yrs. ago; everything was white. My front room is a beautiful dark red/wine color with beadboard lower half. I painted the ceiling to give height and it looks like cove ceilings. I mixed my own colors to look like a worn leather saddle for my dining space. Made my own color for my bedroom…a mix of a little dark and (milk) chocolate. So peaceful. Now comes the bathroom..wanted something in a blue-green dark color to go with the aged (grey) pickled (beadboard..5 1/2 ft height)….so I need help

  21. Joy says:

    I love your colors! I would paint my dream kitchen a soft linen/yellow with white accents… ah, so soothing!

  22. donna blazey says:

    My old home needs an new colorful makeover

  23. Leslie says:

    Yolo paint is coming to Lowe’s in Seattle just in time for our big house renovation project. Perfect timing – thank you! We’ve been floating through Air, Water and Grain finding the perfect shades to complete the project.

  24. Kelsey Mitchell says:

    YoLo is a recent paint discovery for me. As a designer I love the low VOC and the rich colors they offer. As a homeowner and recently made home painter (I surprise my husband by painting rooms while he’s gone, not sure if that’s a “good” surprise for him or not) – I love the variety of colors, and now that it is available at Lowe’s over here? Wonderful! Excited to stop by and check out the selection :)

  25. Robyn O'Neal says:

    My husband and I are looking in to painting and designing each room at a time, and are VERY excited about the earth friendly products that are becoming more accessible all over the country! I personally love the earthy tones and colors that YOLO has to offer, and I’m looking forward to painting in these hues, so we’re hoping for the chance to study up on every color and making our final decision with these color kits if we win!! Thanks!

  26. Jean Wilczek says:

    I love YOLO’s color selections and the fact that they are no VOC! In my years as a mural painter, I have used many products that I know have affected my health adversely. I would love to try YOLO’s palette on my next project, experimenting with my own walls first. I’m always interested in examining a paint’s quality before putting it to professional use. YOLO sounds like a company that has gone the extra mile to create a safe, quality product!

  27. Nell says:

    I am never not making things and putting colors together. And I just want those handy color kits!!
    A. Lot.

  28. Deb Lothes says:

    I’m in the process of stripping wallpaper in the master bedroom & bath… need to make the rooms feel an earthy soft, airy & calming appeal, but still compliment the exsisting window treatments & artwork. Thinking GRAIN .06 or CLAY .02 bedroom & WATER .07 or LEAF .02 bath. Work in progress! I always can use help :)

  29. Claudia Werner says:

    I live in a hose with paneling and would love to get some Ideas what to do ……

  30. Claudia Werner says:

    my house has panneling all true and I like to get some Ideas …..

  31. Phyllis A Macluan says:

    Painting for me was always a necessary evil. There was the after painting headache and even the occasional sinus infection ~ such joy. And then came Yolo and now I want color everywhere. It’s inspiring. The master bedroom is Dream 03 because can you think of a better color or name for a bedroom paint. Grain is in the kitchen and Ocean is at the office. My clients and office mates don’t know it but they should be grateful for Ocean. It soothes the workday beast. Thanks for your paints. Now I love to paint and constantly look at the other rooms thinking, “What color would you like to be??” Happy Painting!

  32. Danielle Sulzer says:

    We just bought our first house. The colors are a bland, neutral colors and are livable, but not our style. We are shopping paint styles and could really use this to get started on the repainting of the whole house, inside and out. What a way to introduce a young family on a tight budget to your wonderful line. So far I am loving what I see, yet I’ve never had a chance to use your product. I hope I am one of the winners so I can hopefully become a YOLO addict.

  33. Jennifer says:

    We love to use YOLO in our house!

  34. Elissa says:

    I am helping my friend with the ground-up design of his interiors. This is his first house and he is very excited to say goodbye to apartment dwelling and hello to home life! He has a very set idea of what he’s after (modern/Swedish/milimalistic). His color schemes are neutral with a punch of color. I’m thinking Stone 4 as the base/main living quarters color and branching out from there. I like the surprise that a bright color can bring to a neutral space, so I was thinking of introducing Clay 5 into the mix. His collections of Soviet-era posters and other paraphernalia are dark in color and strong in their concept and shape. I think using a neutral surrounding will really help these collections pop and become more special in their own right. When someone has objects that are very dear to their heart, it is important to pay homage to them and display them in a manner befitting their collector’s affection.

  35. emily says:

    Me and my family just moved into a our new home back in September. Since then I’ve slowly been painting each room (my favorite so far is leaf 07 in the bathroom!)and I’ve been a bit stuck on the kitchen. I am such a green person but have been drawn to the clay and grain palettes. Our counter tops are a sagey green and picking a color to work with that has been a challenge and we can’t afford to change the counter tops yet! So, in this case I think I have decided on clay .04! But! if I had beautiful soapstone counters I would paint my dream kitchen thrive .05

  36. Rinee says:

    If we won we could use the kit to finally decide on a color for the kitchen!

  37. tina r. says:

    we really need some inspiration to kickstart us again on our stalled basement project. once we finish, we’ll have so much more room! the color kits would help get us moving along. i love yolo.

  38. jodi says:

    I love color. I don’t have a single white wall or ceiling in my house — which happens to be dark purple with celery, sage, orange and burgundy on the outside (it’s a victorian and I’m a graphic designer).

  39. JEN says:

    I live in a house that on the outside looks just like every house in the neighborhood. I want the inside to look NOTHING like the rest of the neighborhood. The paint on the walls is where it all begins!

  40. Helen says:

    Yea for being in Lowe’s!

  41. Heather Johnson says:

    Oh!!! This looks like so much fun!I would love to obsess over the amazing colors in your design kits. Thanks foe the giveaway!! You guys rock!
    Hadley, MA

  42. aileen matias says:

    i’m a designer and i just love changing the colors of my studio according to the pictures you post. i look forward to your “problem solved” posts…

  43. Mitzi says:

    I am in a new house after 26 years of military base housing and milk white walls. I am finding that, with no limitations, I am a deer-in-headlights over the billions of color options! Do I do an accent wall in the kitchen, match the counters so they’ll fade away, do I dare paint the dowstairs bath a deep, dusky blue? I’m excited but trepidatious; there are so many walls, so many colors! I finally unpacked the last box (yes, it took a year) and now I’m hanging swatches and haunting paint stores for the perfect colors. Yolo is by far the green winner, though it’s a trek to get to the nearest store, I think it’s worth the trip!

  44. Denee Dole says:

    After 5 long years, we are finally expecting our 3rd child & the entire house needs a paint job, especially the babies room. This giveaway is awesome and would be a great start for us. We’ve been in this house for over 10 years & some of the rooms have the same paint that we started with. Thank you for doing this & I hope to be the one to receive it!! But I’ll definitely check it out at Lowes.

  45. Tonya Miller Alvey says:

    Every color I choose is always the wrong color my friends asked me to stop painting
    And ask for help from a professional designer. Maybe you will be my saving grace. I have over 20 gallons of paint in the corner of my basement that i loved when looking at the swatches/ paint cards at Lowes and Sherwin Williams but once i put the colors on the walls it just didnt look the same.
    Desperately seeking a professional designer from YOLO.

  46. Jen says:

    I love Yolo and their colors are always pure and beautiful! I’ve recently painted my kitchen very turquoise based on a vintage 1950′s piece of ceramic and I can attest the color has carried me through this wet spring!

  47. Ellen McLaughlin says:

    Decided my bedroom really needs a redo and my hall..this would be lovely. And oh yes furniture that needs uplifting! Thanks!

  48. kweisner says:

    YOLO! I need this…Just moved into a 60s ranch a week ago. Can’t decide on colors to save my life. Need Help!!! Design Kit to the Rescue?

  49. organic interiors says:

    Hi Yolo!

    I specialize in non toxic decor. I have been painting some little gems with your paints and love the way the color applies. I have gotten compliments and would love to try different applications and colors in your kit. Thank you for staying at Kelley Moore. I also stand by this product, developed in Oregon by 2 moms. I am a mom in San Francisco. Which reminds me.. The kids love to help paint with the Yolo smell, great colors and easy clean up. Stay bright!
    Excited to work in pale yellow today for some reason..
    Thanks for all your hard work!
    Terri Weist
    Organic Interiors Home Staging and decor.

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