Holi Color! by LO

YOLO Colorhouse should adopt Holi as our official holiday, after all, it is the celebration of COLOR!  And the way this Hindu holiday is celebrated is by throwing colorful pigment in the air and at eachother – how fun is that!

Holi is celebrated on the first full moon day in March, this year it falls on March 19.  This welcoming of Spring glorifies good harvest and fertility of the land.  It is the season of hope and joy, when inhibitions are shed in the name of revelry and jubilation.   What better way to commemorate this holiday than with music, dancing and COLOR!

But before I start throwing pigment around, I want to make sure that it’s not harmful- what a buzz-kill that would be. I found some recipes for these natural pigments that they typically use in India:
Green – crush tender leaves of wheat and mix with besan or gram flour.
Magenta – grate beet root, soak in water, boil or leave overnight for wet pigment.
Yellow – tumeric powder and besan, or dry petals of marigold or yellow chrysanthemums, crush and grind with besan.
Red – red sandle wood powder or dried hibiscus petals, grind to powder with besan.

It is said that the spirit of Holi encourages the feelings of sister and brotherhood in society and even enemies turn to friends on this day. Maybe we could all use a little Holi in our lives.

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4 Responses to Holi Color! by LO

  1. Jason Hader says:

    Sounds like a fun holiday!

  2. Deepali Kalia says:

    I miss celebrating holi with my family its sure a fun festival!

    • Janie Lowe says:

      Hi Deepali – I would love to hear more about how you and your family celebrate! Thanks for sharing on your facebook.

  3. Deepali Kalia says:

    I just shared this post on my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/fillingspaces.designs

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