Mod Green Pod, by YO

Last week I spoke with Nancy Mims, founder of Austin, Texas based fabric and wallpaper company, Mod Green Pod.  It is always fun to talk with another founder about their adventures and the paths they have chosen.

Mod Green Pod was launched around the same time we launched YOLO Colorhouse and the two companies have a lot in common.  The  Mod Green Pod products are focused on color and design for interiors that are better for people and the planet.  Nancy’s company uses 100% certified organic cotton with non-toxic, low impact printing.  There are none of the scary chemicals commonly used on the fabrics, like formaldehyde (wrinkle free agents) and PBDEs. (flame retardants) And the wallpaper they make is vinyl-free.

… And the designs are gorgeous and go beautifully with YOLO Colorhouse hues!





Here is a home that used both Create .05 with some of Mod Green Pod Wallpaper.  I think it is smashing!


It is always so exciting for me to find kindred spirits in small creative companies. I thought I needed to share!

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3 Responses to Mod Green Pod, by YO

  1. paige rien says:

    this paper is gorgeous – does mod green pod sell a good clean adhesive? that’s often the source of nasty fumes and toxic-grossness, i thought.

    • Ginnie Young says:

      I have used wheat paste in the past. It is all natural and has a Cream of Wheat smell and is what they have used since wallpaper was invented. Always good to go back to the old ways!

  2. Amy says:

    Ginnie – I love this wallpaper and agree that it’s the perfect companion for a YOLO Colorhouse palette. I had seen this paper before but didn’t know who was behind it. Thanks for the post!

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