The Color of Rain in the NW, by YO

We are in the middle of several days of low clouds and heavy rains here in the Pacific Northwest.  This time of winter is always a little hard for us, but this morning I looked out my kitchen window and saw the table we sit around in the summer when the sun is out.  I was reminded of why we all live here in the Pacific Northwest.

Our table is covered with a beautiful moss – the LEAF .04 color we love to see hiking here in the Northwest.

Here is another photo of some LEAF .03 moss on our arbor.

I have put together a couple different palettes I like with Leaf .04 and Leaf .03.  I need to keep reminding myself that all this rain is what makes this part of the country so beautiful!

LEAF .04
CLAY .02

LEAF .03
AIR .02

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2 Responses to The Color of Rain in the NW, by YO

  1. Dana says:

    Some shady parts of my backyard are mossy year round, I love it! Nothing in my yard is as mossy as your table though, that is crazy!

  2. Victor says:

    There’s a table under your moss!

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