Knit Revolution, by LO

Have you knoticed….knits are everywhere!  These days when you think about knits, it’s not just a about a cozy sweater that will keep you warm throughout the winter.  Knits are showing up all over the place, especially in home decor.  And why not, wool is a sustainable material, it can be naturally dyed any rich, beautiful color and it can add an interesting and unexpected texture to your home’s canvas.

This fall, at 100% Design London, we saw the Knit Revolution in full force.  There were knitted sofas, knitted ottomans, knitted lamp shades – and since then, I’ve seen knitted bike racks, knitted coffee cozies- even a knitted bus!  Some of the things I’ve seen covered in colorfully knitted wool have been pretty outrageous, but look how beautiful and unique some interior pieces can be.

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4 Responses to Knit Revolution, by LO

  1. Erin says:

    A knitted bus??!!!! Do tell!!!

  2. Janie Lowe says:

    Erin- Totally not fair for me to mention the knitted bus without a visual, so here you go!
    Here’s a link to the story of the “yarnbombers”

  3. Erin says:

    That is unbelievable! Thanks so much for sharing. I would love it if some of this “graffiti” turned up in my neighborhood!

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