The Color of Cooking, by YO

Our friend Nina, co-owner of Eco Home Improvement in Berkeley, recently moved into a new home and made it hers by adding lots of color. Her kitchen is all about simplicity, with a flutter of happy hues. The composition of kitchen tools reflects the simple and elegant way she lives. I love her open shelving with the bright color spots sitting against the Leaf .07 back-drop. In the picture below Nina stands in front of her bread making station with all her favorite colors surrounding her.

LEAF .07

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4 Responses to The Color of Cooking, by YO

  1. Erin says:

    My kitchen is painted Leaf.07 too — I love it!

  2. Donna J Gamache says:

    It looks wonderful! I am working on a design to revive my kitchen and will be glad to use some of the ideas for color that Ramona has used. I have to ask, though: Do you use all the items on the open stock shelves (wine glasses, etc.) often enough to keep them from accumulating dust? I’m not knocking the idea of open shelving—I have Swedish Shelving in my own kitchen that I use as a pantry, but my glass ware, etc., is in a cupboard. I’ve always wondered what is the maintenance for the cool look of the open shelving for items like these (and that also assumes what you have displays nicely.) Thanks!

    • Ginnie Young says:

      Hi Donna,
      Nina uses YOLO Colorhouse Leaf .07 for her walls – it is like spring all the time in her kitchen. I have open shelving in my own kitchen and for the most part, the items circulate through before getting dusty. For less used items, I give them a quick dusting.

      Good luck with your kitchen! I would love to see photos when you’re done painting.
      In Color,

  3. Val Fishman says:

    Picture perfect – simple and beautiful. Inspiring – thanks for the post and the photo!

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