The Story of a Color Surprise, by LO

I was at my friend’s house today helping get ready for our New Year’s Eve party when she asked me to go into her china cabinet to get out the champagne glasses.  I went into her dining room and spotted the only cabinet that I couldn’t see into.  It was an old, wooden storage locker with a metal hasp and barn door hinges. It looked more like something you might find in a tack room, filled with bits and bridles, than a cabinet that held fine china and champagne glasses.  Anyway, I opened the cabinet, and found a fantastic color surprise!  This un-assuming storage chest held all of her finest china and a cherished teacup collection that had belonged to her grandmother.  The color that she had painted the inside back and shelves was the perfect backdrop to showcase the treasures within – and it made me smile.  Happy New Year – and be on the look-out for color surprises in 2011!


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3 Responses to The Story of a Color Surprise, by LO

  1. Erin says:

    I love color surprises and this didn’t disappoint! What a colorfully creative way to showcase her goodies.

  2. Amy says:

    This is beautiful.(I’d be tempted to leave those doors open!) I just finished packing away Christmas ornaments and decor and am gazing at my empty-ish living room contemplating adding a set of book shelves with a splash of color inside. This serves as added inspiration. Happy New Year!

  3. Janie Lowe says:

    Amy – I’m so glad you were inspired! It’s amazing what little bits of color placed here and there do for a space – just like in a painting, color moves your eye around the whole composition.

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