Color Trends 2011 – YOLO Boho, by YO

The YOLO Boho palette is my personal favorite of the YOLO Colorhouse  2011 trend colors.  I am drawn to homes that are eclectic, with both clean lined furnishings and more traditional ornate antiques, with lots of colors layered in patterns, pillows, objects and walls.  If done right this is a visual adventure that is not easily forgotten.

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3 Responses to Color Trends 2011 – YOLO Boho, by YO

  1. Melanie Royals says:

    I really am loving your blog and website! I just did a post on it today. Thanks for the inspiration!! -Melanie

    • Ginnie Young says:


      Thanks for the shout-out! We are new to the world of blogging and it is encouraging to hear your feedback.

      To Color in 2011!

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