The Color of Ziggy’s Eyes, by YO

Over the Thanksgiving weekend it is a tradition to go wine tasting in the beautiful Willamette Valley.  Our friends Ken & Mauro at K&M wines are usually the first stop.

This small vineyard makes delicious pinots and a chardonnay that ranks top on my list.  The setting of the house and the tasting room sits high on the hill overlooking the vines with the sheep grazing amongst – an ideal setting for sure, but the eyes of their white cat Ziggy really captured my attention this year.  The photo of Ziggy has no color work done, I promise.  His eyes are really this beautiful and stand out amongst all the amazing scenery.  Ziggy’s natural palette would make a stunning interior color palette with YOLO Colorhouse hues.



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3 Responses to The Color of Ziggy’s Eyes, by YO

  1. Erin says:

    WOW! What a beautiful cat! Those colors would look wonderful in a bedroom.

  2. Christine Chamberlin says:

    Is that kitty for real??!! Beautiful color.

    • petra voegtle says:

      There is hardly anything more beautiful than a cat’s eyes because of the ever changing colours depending on the incident of light. This cat is amazing – very beautiful. I know that some cats have two different eye colours but I have never seen one in reality. What a face!!! I just love it.
      Greetings, Petra
      Art and Interior

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