The Color of Apples on the Wall, by YO

Bouley Restaurant, NYC This is one of my favorite wall treatments of all times – such a visual surprise!

After the initial treat for the eyes, it hits the nose and you can’t help but smile.  Even as I look at the photo, the aroma of the apple harvest comes back clearly.  The upholstered Petal .02 velvet door is a splendid contrast to the curated apple cellar.

I can’t report on the food, we didn’t eat here.  We ate brunch at the Bouley Market across the street, but our friend insisted we peek in to see the wall, and we thank her!

CLAY .05

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2 Responses to The Color of Apples on the Wall, by YO

  1. Lisa Buckley says:

    Oh what fond memories of walking into the Bouley entry. Glad you were able to share the experience.


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