The Color of Cardboard, by YO

We saw lots of cardboard at London Design Week. – The rich color (Stone .02) and the fact that it is recyclable and so accessible is what makes cardboard such a beautiful material.  We use it, along with wheat board, to build the YOLO Colorhouse store displays.

Story Deli, Brick Lane, London I love that all their chairs are these sturdy, curved cardboard boxes that also serve as storage trunks – the place had amazing wood-fired pizza served on simple plywood boards.  The palette was a commitment to neutrals and all their simplicity – stones, shells, and unfinished wooden tables made the cardboard stools even more heroic.

Eco Rocker by Shell Thomas -  This just makes so much sense. It is a fantastic design alternative to a classic kid’s toy that is only needed for a brief time in a life. Amongst the 100’s of booths at 100% Design, we stumbled on this refreshing approach – every object in the booth was made from cardboard.  It just really made me happy to see the contrast of the simple, yet ornate cardboard objects in a show full of  designed objects from all over the world.  These people from  Creative Trust are taking it lightly and with a smile!

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