Danish Master Painter, by YO

When we were in Copenhagen visiting friends, they arranged for us to visit with a master painter!  We were thrilled to spend an hour with Peter Poulsen, to learn about the paint world there.  After being in Copenhagen for only one day, we were burning to ask the question about all the white interiors we saw – EVERYWHERE!

Danish white, as we started to call it, is closest to Imagine .01 in the YOLO Colorhouse palette – a great backdrop for art and a contemporary open feeling – a crisp canvas for Scandinavian design.

It is not that the Danes are afraid of color, there was plenty of color on the exteriors of homes.  We asked Peter about the rich ochre plaster that we saw on many of the exteriors. (pictured below).  Peter gave us the recipe for how to make this gorgeous “chalk paint”, Many master painters in Denmark make there own paints using traditional recipes.


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