The demand for environmentally responsible paint is on the rise. Many of our dealers report this category is growing by 25% each year, and YOLO Colorhouse® is a proven product and customer choice.

With 40% volume solids and Green Seal™ certification, YOLO Colorhouse performs like a premium conventional paint yet it is low odor, has no harmful chemicals, and no added solvents. YOLO Colorhouse exceeds Green Seal standards for performance and VOC levels while over achieving on other qualities like consistency, wash-ability, hiding power, and ease of coverage.

Opening Order Requirements

  • 150 gallons of YOLO Colorhouse paint


New dealers receive our stylish signature retail display free with minimum opening order of $5,000 (see example of opening order product assortment to the right). Constructed from sustainable materials, the wheat board and cardboard display is designed to highlight the palette, sell the product, and house YOLO Colorhouse’s color sample system. Measuring 6′x7.81′x2′, the unit has a $1,800 value.

Tinting Formulas and Equipment

YOLO Colorhouse will provide dealers with standard formulas for tinting. Dealers are required to provide their own tinting and shaking equipment. Click HERE to download colorant system information and paint equipment recommendations.

Financing Available

For financing options, please contact us at 877-493-8275. Click HERE to download a credit application.

Placing an Order

All paint and materials are ordered directly from YOLO Colorhouse.
Orders will be shipped within two business days after receipt of order.


Shipping to dealer will be prepaid with a requested 48 gallon minimum order.

Product Training

For in-store use, dealers will be provided with a catalogue of technical data sheets and MSDS reference materials. MSDS information is also available online. Click HERE to view page with downloadable MSDS. Product training will be conducted at the retailer’s convenience, but should be completed within 60 days of introduction.
Emphasis of training will be on performance characteristics, color design, and philosophy of the YOLO Colorhouse paint line.

Marketing Program

We are aggressively promoting the YOLO Colorhouse brand, our color expertise, and the benefits and performance qualities of our environmentally responsible paint. Our strategic approach to advertising, public relations, online marketing, and trade shows is capturing the attention of consumers, paint contractors, and design professionals nationwide. By creating a buzz, we are driving the demand and increasing sales for YOLO Colorhouse. We are committed to helping you succeed in selling our paint by providing you with marketing materials, in-store event support, and dealer co-op marketing dollars. Please contact us for more information about our cooperative marketing program at

Interested in Selling YOLO Colorhouse?

Becoming a dealer is simple. Please click on the “Become a Dealer Form” button below and fill in the information and a customer service representative will contact you within 48 hours. Or, e- mail Puji at or call 877-493-8275 to learn more or request a contract.

Become a Dealer Form

In the meantime, we invite you to take a moment to read one sales associate’s inspiring perspective and experience on selling YOLO Colorhouse paint to customers in his store. Click HERE to download
Homerun: YOLO Colorhouse.