86 out of 100, from 10 reviews

Great advice!

I received great advice which took my theme and tastes into consideration. I now feel more confident to apply the ombre technique I was thinking of and discovered that Colorhouse has the best selection of paint colors! Thank you!

Great customer service

Hi, I had an issue with one white paint color on my wall looking a bit different than the small chip I chose it from. Still not quite sure what had happened. I emailed customer service and after couple of emails back and forth they decided to send me a replacement paint that would be custom colored to my preference. It arrived at my door step few days later which was a lot faster than I had gotten the original paint through a third party vendor. I don't know if it is common practice with them, but to me it shows how great the company is considering most of the ordering happens online; and it was no hassle from my part.I have used several of their products (different neutral and white colors) and they were true to the chips I had. They also were easy to apply and rolled on smoothly. I used eggshell and flat finishes and they both worked a lot better than some other "green" alternatives I tested on a piece of primed drywall. They don't smell and they dry in reasonable amount of time. Coverage after primer and two coats of Colorhouse paint was very good on new drywall with no photographing. Thanks.

paint i trust

I've used several shades of interior paint and the primer too. I used the bright orange first in my kids' room and it was perfect! So bright, cheerful, and rich. I used a chocolatey brown for our kitchen and a green shade for our living/dining room. I've had no issues with the application, coverage, or durability so far. Best of all, besides the wonderful colors, is the very low odor when applying and no odor when dried.

Love receiving your emails, and love your paint.

I am an artist and really appreciate your color palette, and the beautiful texture of your paint.

Quality Paint Company

I love everything about Colorhouse. They make a fine quality product that is safe and beautiful. As an artist myself, I love their color palette. As a mom, I love that my daughters aren't exposed to toxic paint fumes.

Our Mission

Colorhouse is committed to making the world more colorful and less volatile by creating products that are safer for your home and better for our planet. Our harmonious color palettes inspire the artist in you.

We believe in COLLABORATION.
We are connected to our community as artists, environmentalists and a woman-owned business.

We believe in CREATIVITY.
The world is more fun in color – we are committed to inspiring the artist in you.

We are passionate about finding a greener way. We bring environmental and social values to the workplace.

We believe in INTEGRITY.
We strive to create quality products, respect people and the planet, and are committed to what we do every day.

Our Story

In 2005, Colorhouse was founded by artists who were looking for a premium paint that was safer for us and our planet. Our low odor paints have superior coverage and contain no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) no reproductive toxins, no chemical solvents, and no toxic fumes/HAPs-free. Committed to creating healthier paint and better color, choosing color for your home is simple with our harmonious, artist-crafted color palettes.

Full Story

Sustainability Commitment

At Colorhouse, our commitment to you and our planet extends beyond what’s in our paint can.

Paint for the People and the Planet Logo


  • Recycled content containers
  • 100% PCW chlorine-free labels
  • 100% PCW brochures


  • LEED Gold manufacturing facility
  • Member EPA SmartWay transportation
  • Renewable energy at HQ
  • PaintCare drop-off site - Drop off your leftover paint at our warehouse so it can be recycled, not put in a landfill.
  • Our People

    At Colorhouse, we are committed to and passionate about what we do everyday - making the world more colorful and less volatile!

  • Puji Sherer
    VP Marketing/Chief Color Nerd

    Favorite color: THRIVE .05. This is the color of the most breathtaking bridge in Portland , Ore - the St. Johns Bridge. LOVE!

    Thrive .05
  • DJ Widmer
    VP Business Development

    Favorite color: WOOL .06. This color reminds me of the tranquil Oregon Coast…. AND my favorite NFL team. Feel free to guess which one.

    Wool .06
  • Goose
    VP Morale

    Favorite color: THRIVE .03. This color is an exact match to my tennis ball, which I play with in the Colorwarehouse during my breaks!

    Thrive .03
  • Lynn Morgan
    Customer Service Guru/Color Nerd

    Favorite color: WOOD .02. This color is warm and welcoming, kinda like me. Plus it reminds me of roasted squash, one of this foodie’s favorites.

    Wood .02
  • Rick Barnard
    VP Ops/Product Development

    Favorite color: GLASS .05. “A hardworking green that rolls up its’ sleeves and gets the job done”. What more could an Ops guy want in a color?

    Glass .05
  • Kim Martin
    E-Comm Manager

    Favorite color: BEESWAX .04. I traded the desert sun of AZ for the rainy Pacific NW, and when I need a dose of vitamin D, I turn to this happy hue.

    Beeswax .04
  • Mike Hudson
    Colorwarehouse Manager

    Favorite color: METAL .05. It’s the color of my dining room and I love it. Enough said.

    Metal .05
  • Lynn Peterson
    Colorhouse Accountant

    Favorite color: CREATE .04. This is the color of tough love. As the mom of this crew, I set the boundaries and give the hugs.

    Create .04
  • Dylan Anderson

    Favorite color: SPROUT .06. And THRIVE .03 and NOURISH .04. One color for each of the unique personalities of my triplet girls!

    Sprout .06
  • Julie Klapstein

    Favorite color: DREAM .05. I love this color for it’s beauty - it reminds me of turquoise stones of the SW, where I go to escape Portland’s winter!

    Dream .05
  • Mike Pittman
    VP Corporate Care

    Favorite color: WATER .02. This color is calm, cool, and collected. Somebody’s got to be when working with this passionate and energetic team!

    Water .02

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